No Zero Roulette

Everyone knows that the edge of a casino comes from the zero or double zero spots on the roulette wheel.

The classic single zero game may give the player better odds, but the casino still retains an advantage; all roulette players lose enough time.

The lack of a double zero space is why European roulette wheels are far superior to the American ones: one less place means that the house edge is significantly lower, and statistically you should win more often on European roulette wheels ,

One of our favorite sites for playing No Zero Roulette is Intercasino. That said, there are other sites offering this game, and we’ve listed a few that you might want to visit.


For single number bets, American Roulette wheels offer a 38-1 chance to win. European roulette wheels give you a 37-1 chance thanks to the absence of the double zero spot.

Since the actual payout of the game for single number bets is 35-1, we can quickly calculate the house edge at 5.26% and 2.63% for American and European games, respectively.

Playing roulette without a zero or double zero slot reduces the house edge to 0.0%. The result is that you can expect what seasoned players call “even” or “true” odds.

Math tells us that playing no zero roulette indefinitely would cause you to break even. The attraction of online roulette not a zero wheel hits this elusive winning streak, which (combined with a 0% house edge) could really put money into your bankroll.

It’s worth noting that not many internet casinos offer zero-roulette roulette in 2019, and at the time of writing, no land-based casinos offer the game.


If you place a bet on red, you can expect an even payout should the wheel produce a red number. Since the chances of landing on red are a little below average, the house edge in the long term (mathematically speaking) means that roulette players will always lose.

But in zero roulette, math shifts a bit. No zero spaces means that bets on red have a 50% chance of winning. This means that you have infinite time and money, they will even break if you play on a zero-wheeled online roulette.

That’s why more casinos do not host zero games; they are just not that profitable. Casinos that have zero-free roulette tend to set extreme limits to their maximum bet size to protect their interests.


Another reason why zero free roulette does not scare some casinos is a concept called “the risk of ruin”.

Let’s pretend that two people turn over a coin and bet on the result: 50/50 odds, just like no zero online roulette wheels.

Each time the coin comes heads, one player pays the other $ 1, while each time the coin comes tails the other player gets paid $ 1 by the loser. Provided the game is played with a real coin and not a loaded or tricked coin, neither of them will have an advantage over the other, unless one has more money than the other. If Player 1 has $ 10,000 in his pocket and Player 2 only has $ 10, Player 2 will have no money left long before Player 1, and Player 1 will have earned money on the offer.

American Roulette and European Roulette Wheels are negative expectations games. Wheels without zero are not negative expectation games, but thanks to limited stakes and the “risk of ruin” concept, it is not possible to empty a casino with all its money, especially thanks to your limited wallet.