The differences between French, American, and European roulette rules

By Claire Vanson

Do you enjoy a bit of flapping at the roulette tables? You may like to go to your local casino – or maybe enjoy it while on vacation in Las Vegas. But did you know that there are three different types of roulette? European, French and American. While some of them have a number of similarities, they also have some important differences. These differences can have a big impact on the chances and the likelihood of winning, so it’s important to understand them.

If you play roulette sporadically, you might not even notice differences. But what if you arrive at a new casino and are presented with a game that’s a bit different than what you’re used to? With the growth of online casino sites, you have the ability to play roulette without even leaving your home. With some of these sites, you will actually be able to choose the type of martingale roulette strategy you want to play without changing the location, which we think is just the tops. So what’s the difference between these games? Let’s have a look…


On a standard American french roulette wheel there are two “zeros” – that’s a section that is not red by black. There are only two different roulette wheels, and the other is the European one. These European wheels have only a “zero”. You might think that this is a small problem, but it makes a big difference to the odds, especially if you are playing for a long time.

A two-zero wheel like the American has a much larger house edge. If you bet black from black only, the likelihood that they are not both is twice as high on an American wheel. That means the American wheel has a house edge of 5.3% while the European wheel has 2.7% % Has. This makes a big difference in the long run, and it’s why you should never consider roulette a viable strategy for 50/50 bets. These have become more popular in trying to erase online casino bonus funds, but having an optimal blackjack strategy is a much better option.

Roulette Table

Nowadays both European and French Roulette Versus American Roulette games tend to use the same tables. These have the wheel on the short side, where the dealer is standing and the players are sitting on the other side.

French roulette tables are bigger and longer. French roulette differs from American and European in that it tends to have two dealers (called French croupiers).

Some French roulette games also have a referee sitting in a raised chair. So that’s 3 casino employees compared to one on American roulette.

American and French roulette also has a different table and betting layout.


French roulette has a certain set of rules to say what happens to external bets when a zero is drawn. In American roulette these bets are usually lost, but not always in French. This may result in half of your bet being lost or your money being “blocked”.

This means that French roulette has better chances for the player. French roulette, however, is quite rare. Even in France you would probably expect to see an American roulette table in front of a French one.